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What to Wear?

The below are just my suggestions and opinions :) 
•For newborns - their skin is absolutely beautiful - so something simple or in their diaper only.  Accessories such as hats and headbands are optional.  If you have a special blanket, bring it!


COORDINATE. Do not match, meaning pick 3 or 4 colors and everyone wear a variation of them. Color patterns and layers and accessories bring so much life into the images!


Here are some Do’s and Don'ts:

DON'T wear all WHITE shirts (or black or red or ANYTHING where everyone is in the same color. It's considered a very dated look (90′s) ). It also blends everyone together and makes the image less interesting.

DO wear patterns! I love little boys and men in a colorful plaid shirts. I then would have others bring out one of the colors of the plaid shirt and wear a plain colored shirt and pair it with a cute scarf, hats, boots or heels, for ladies/girls, chunky jewelry.

DON'T wear LOGOS!!!!!! No NIKE, PATAGONIA, GAP or other labels or writings. This can be very distracting in an image. However, there is a slight exception to this… if you prefer a more urban style sometimes graphic tees work :) For example a “Rockstar” shirt, make sense?

DO layers! Put a Polo Shirt under the little guys plaid shirt. Bring a Denim Jacket to wear over the dress. A cute Pea Coat with matching heels is just adorable! Switching out layers changes up the look and feel of the photos.

DON'T wear something unflattering or something you feel uncomfortable in. This seems like a given right?  BUT there are many a times I hear women say they don't like their arms yet they choose a short sleeve shirt. To this I say 3/4 length sleeves :)  Were something TRUE TO YOU, jeans with a nicer shirt, top, or sweater looks great too. You want this time to be special and fun!

DO go shopping and purchase new clothes (or at least some new items). I figure, if you are investing in a photo session than you would like the images as awesome as possible right? Put some thought into the outfits. :)  Come, let's go make some memories!


You can go to www.whattowearguides.com for suggestions and ideas.

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